March 29, 2024

Blue Aura Meaning

blue aura meaning

People with blue auras possess a close bond to their spiritual selves and listen to what their inner voice is telling them. Their intuition acts like a guidepost in helping guide them towards paths that align with their higher purpose, whether that means bettering themselves personally or helping guide others along their own journeys - they possess empathy needed to provide support and advice when needed.

These individuals with light blue auras tend to be very expressive people who do not hesitate to express their thoughts and emotions freely. While they can sometimes be brutally honest when sharing their viewpoints and thoughts, these types are known for being non-confrontational in their communication style and believe honesty should always be practiced. Being highly empathic they're great listeners who can sense unsaid words or inner turmoil around them; making great listeners who also make wonderful friends or family members.

At work, those with an aura characterized by sky blue tend to enjoy freely expressing themselves creatively through projects and often gravitate toward professions like singing, writing or teaching as they believe their work to be important and wish to aid those around them.

The Tyrolean shade of blue aura is linked with the throat chakra, explaining why people with this aura color tend to be in tune with their inner voice and express it clearly and confidently. They're also adept at seeing the bigger picture, providing peace and stability to their surrounding environment. When it comes to romance, those exhibiting this hue tend to form lasting commitments with partners that share this shade of blue.


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