March 23, 2024

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue aura meaning

If you have a blue aura, chances are that you are the kind of generous, open-minded friend who always has your back (even rearranging your closet!) and provides great advice. People with blue energy tend to be natural healers who care deeply for others - it is their intuition which guides their decisions throughout their lives and will often seek solace from nature (particularly oceanic environments or rivers) when feeling stressed out or upset.

Spiritual people tend to have strong ties to themselves and can use this connection to live the best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives, often choosing careers which involve helping others or sharing a love of all things spiritual.

Sensitive individuals possess an incredible gift: being able to read the emotions and energies of those around them and responding with guidance, support, and encouragement at just the right moment.

People with blue auras tend to create strong bonds of trust with both friends and romantic partners due to their loyalty, honesty, and genuine kindness. Furthermore, they're great communicators as they're capable of clearly communicating their ideas and opinions.

Sky blue is the most optimistic shade of this hue; darker tones may signal emotional distance and withdrawl tendencies. Furthermore, muted or gray tints in your aura could signal that something's off balance in your life or an impending bad time to come.


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