March 11, 2024

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue aura people possess the unique gift of seeing the bigger picture, often using their intuitive powers to guide humanity towards higher planes of existence. Their generosity, kindness, empathy and creativity all make for great qualities in relationships with those they encounter on a daily basis - art music dance being just some examples! Their sky blue aura is particularly expressive allowing them to communicate their ideas easily with those they meet.

People with blue auras tend to be family-oriented, taking great care in taking care of the people closest to them. They tend to be sensitive and may cry when their friends or family members are going through difficulties because they're in tune with other's emotions.

People with blue auras tend to gravitate toward careers requiring diplomacy and clear communication, such as social work, counseling or teaching. Their compassionate listening style makes them ideal mentors.

Blue aura people often require time alone in solitude to recharge their batteries, misinterpreted by some as emotional withdrawal but in actuality used as a means to refocus and reinvigorate. Recharging energy allows blue aura people to become more present in society; to fill their proverbial cup up with love and kindness so they can give it to those around them - one tool Amazonite healing crystal can help achieve this.


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