September 12, 2023

Biolefin - Eco-Friendly Soap Wrap

Our most popular film among soapmakers, 75 gauge polyolefin serves up all the same benefits of a high quality shrink wrap: allows scent through and holds up well to heat and handling. It's a good choice for gift and spa sets, as well as multi-bar packs. It's available with or without perforations and is perfect for use in our National Shrink Wrap System found here.

Food-grade, acid free and oxo-biodegradable, biolefin is a variant of standard polyolefin with mineral salt additives that allow it to absorb water. When discarded properly, the oxo-biodegradable plastic is assimilated and broken down into biomass by native soil micro-organisms. The process occurs within 2-3 years, and essentially turns the product back into what it was made from – without any discernible micro plastic particulate left behind.

Biolefin isn't exactly eco-friendly – it starts off as two petrochemicals from the oxo-chemical industry (polypropylene and polyethylene) which are also what most common single-use plastic shopping bags are made from. Normally those petrochemicals persist for up to 500 years in the environment before breaking down, but biolefin adds an additive that turns a normal plastic into one that can break down within 2 - 3 years.

This time-frame isn't exact and many environmental factors like heat, soil organisms, humidity, water and other things can play a role. However, biolefin is still far better than the 500+ year timeline of most other plastics on the market! It's a win for the earth and a great way to give your product an environmentally friendly wrapping!


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