January 24, 2024

Bija Mantras

bija mantras

Bija mantras are fundamental sounds with immense spiritual powers and benefits, often referred to as the foundations for more complex compositions with various powers and benefits based on their sound vibrations.

Om is the most frequently utilized bija mantra and connects us to cosmic energies of space, time and light - offering mental clarity and inner peace by drawing energy from cosmic sources such as spacetime/light interactions. Astrologically it corresponds with Mercury/Moon in terms of communications/learning/expression governing bodies - as well as Vastu practices as it brings wisdom/creativity into your home environment.

Other bija mantras include Hrim, Aim, Klem and Shrim and can be chanted both individually or collectively as a great way of connecting with planetary energy as well as developing concentration and focus. Furthermore, these mantras invoke Shakti or specific types of energy and help awaken Kundalini, the life force energy lying dormant at the base of your spine.

Bija mantra chanting helps bring clarity and stillness to the mind, providing an excellent complement to many meditation practices for those who find it difficult to quiet their thoughts or who have limited time as it can be done in 20-minute sessions.


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