March 29, 2024

Bija Mantras for Chakra Centers

bija mantras

Bija, or seed syllable mantras, are among the most fundamental and potency mantras. Their simple sounds--rhim, shrim, klim--convey entire paradigms in seed form; when we chant these sounds we access a profound level of divine power. Of these sounds the best-known is Om; its initial sound brings with it all possible possibilities that each sound offers us--this explains why Om is used as the starting point for any other chant we make.

Bija mantras have been assigned to each chakra center and, when chanted aloud, activate energy vibrations within your body and mind. Chanting these mantras generates specific frequencies of sound to ease anxiety, regulate prana flow and align five elements.

To do a chakra meditation, select a comfortable seated position that you can maintain for 15 minutes, and chanting a beej mantra starting with "OM". Repeat these mantras until you've reached peace and focus before gradually drawing yourself away from meditation.

Chanting specific beej mantras associated with each chakra center--lam for groundedness in the root chakra; swadhisthana to enhance emotion and intimacy; yuum for illumination of heart and vam for wisdom in your third eye--can help unlock deeper healing and manifestation through these energy channels and powers they invoke. Chanting also strengthens relationships to the deities these beej mantras symbolize as well as invite their blessings into your life.


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