January 26, 2024

Bhakti Yoga - A Path of Devotion

bhakti yoga

Bhakti yoga is a path of devotion which fosters selfless love and trust towards an inner deity, such as God or Goddess. Through practices such as meditation, reading scripture or singing bhajans dedicated to this path you can foster an intimate and direct relationship with divinity - creating pure bliss as your relationship unites with divine essence.

A bhakta's love may be directed toward deities like Krishna, Ganesha or Shiva; spiritual teachers; or an emotional support person - whatever works for them! - to channel their emotions into something positive. This practice can especially benefit emotionally vulnerable people as it allows them to channel their emotions into something lasting and positive.

Devotion can take many forms. Some forms include Japa - an unbroken contemplation of God (Rosary). Others can include puja or worshiping with offerings of flowers, fruits, candles or chanting mantras or engaging in Kirtan or pilgrimages; as demonstrated by Mother Teresa and other saints or yogis who have practiced this path.

Modern-day bhakti can take the form of loving relationships between partners or families, the desire to effect positive change in society or simply a passion for yoga. Bhakti may be found through acts of service - helping those in need or caring for the environment - or through acts of loving kindness.


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