March 18, 2024

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga fosters devotion to the Divine. Instead of simply worshipping one god or deity, this form of yoga fosters a relationship with an inspiration source that provides love and comfort when life gets difficult or confusing.

This path provides an accessible pathway to peace and happiness in this life. It includes worshipping with devotional practices, reading and singing scripture, chanting group worship (kirtan), focusing on Source or Universal Consciousness as you understand it, service to others, and friendship.

Meditation also allows us to release negative emotions such as anger and jealousy while replacing them with positive qualities like compassion and forgiveness. Historically, this form of yoga was more accessible for women and members of lower caste Hindu society who did not possess enough education for Raja and Jnana yoga paths.

Bhakti Yoga is founded on the idea that the universe and all of its splendor and wonder is an expression of the Divine, so you should develop an intimate love for all things in it as part of surrendering yourself to its dance of life, known as lila.

Bhakti also acknowledges that although Brahman, or the Infinite Oneness of All Things, is ultimately real, its abstractness makes it hard for humans to worship it directly. Therefore, bhakti focuses on one personal God: Ishvara; worshipping this individual connects the devotee's heart with divine love - Prema or supreme love.


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