June 2, 2020

Top 5 Soul Podcasts: The Ultimate List

Soul Podcasts

We are living in an era where each day, some new technologies and advancements take place. As we are moving forward, our lives are becoming more frustrated, full of stress, and anxiety. Check out the top soul podcasts below.

Therefore, we need to feed our souls with some inspiring material. The podcast is a great way to feed the soul with inspiring and motivational stuff. 

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the best podcasts to listen to on the soul. 

5 Best Podcasts to Listen to on Soul

Below is the list of 5 best podcasts to listen to on soul:

1. The Good Life Project: 

The Good Life Project frequently tops the chart making it one of the best podcasts for spiritual healing. The biggest attraction of this podcast is that all the spiritual guru tries to pour out their secrets to make your life better. 

It will help you in every section of your life—whether that is finding the silver lining in regret or living a life that isn't completely ruled by money. Granted, the podcast will not find the silver lining for you, and it's up to you to research specific types of retirement accounts or pay down your credit card debt, but this podcast can help give you an auditory roadmap. Ultimately, The Good Life Project helps you establish a connection with your soul, as well as make that connection stronger.

2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: 

If you are looking for inner happiness by feeding your soul and inspiration in life, Gretchen Rubin is all about creating your desired life. This podcast consists of a conversation between Rubin and her sister. 

Through their conversation, they will convey a true meaning of life and how you can create a better life. She shares with you a secret, how you can be happier in life.  

3. School of Greatness: 

We always heard a saying, “old is gold," the same is the case with this podcast. Although it is a little old, it will tell you secrets that no one else knows for a contented life. School of Greatness consists of inspiring stories, interviews, and gives a closer look at the brilliant minds of our society. 

You will get a chance to listen to a wide range of topics, from relationships to health and businesses. 

4. The Goop Podcast: 

When it comes to the best podcast to listen to on soul, The Goop Podcast is definitely worth a try. Episodes of this podcast are under an hour due to which it is very easy to listen and understand. You will have both celebrity and non-celebrity episodes. 

The Goop Podcast has great spiritual healing; it is good for mental health and helps you relax. 

5. SuperSoul Conversations: 

Who can forget the name of Oprah when it comes to making the world a better place? She features some great leaders and thinkers of time like Michelle Obama and Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Once you listen to the podcast, you will find a deeper meaning in life and will become the best version of yourself. Each episode is full of inspiration and lets you discover your hidden self, which you also don’t know to exist.

Final Words 

Taking care of a soul is also very important. Therefore, feed your soul with some inspiring and motivational stuff for a good and happier life. You can listen to any of the podcasts mentioned above to live a meaningful life.

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