March 18, 2023

Best Microblading Chicago

best microblading chicago

Best Microblading Chicago

Our microblading service is a perfect solution for anyone who wants beautiful eyebrows without the hassle of sculpting and shaping them on their own. Our highly trained artists will make sure that you get perfectly shaped, full and natural looking eyebrows.

Whether you want to go for the more defined 3D microblading look or more natural ombre powder brows, there are many benefits of this treatment. First of all, having well-groomed brows can help you achieve a more confident appearance and give you a boost of self-esteem.

Another benefit of microblading is that it lasts for 1-3 years, which means that you don’t have to worry about your brows constantly changing or getting overplucked. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to choose a different brow style as you grow older.

A Licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist (not just any old makeup artist) can perform the procedure, so your results will be permanent and long-lasting!

Your microblading appointment should take 1.5 - 2 hours, including a consultation, extensive numbing, and measurements of your face to determine your brow shape. You will also have a follow up appointment 4-8 weeks later to do touch-ups and adjust pigment as needed.

A touch-up microblading session is typically less expensive and less time consuming than an initial microblading appointment. It’s designed to fine tune your microbladed brows by correcting any pigment that was rejected by your skin, or if you are looking for a darker color.


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