April 27, 2022

Benefits Of Wrestling: Heart And Soul

Benefits Of Wrestling

Introduction: Benefits Of Wrestling

When you hear the word wrestling, what comes to mind? Is it professional athletes in costumes putting on a televised performance? Or maybe it’s sitting in the bleachers of your high school’s gymnasium watching your school’s wrestling match? Either way, I’m sure the health benefits of wrestling don’t really enter your mind. There are many health benefits though! Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of wrestling.

Benefits Of Wrestling

Wrestling isn’t just a sport, it can also be used for many reasons. It can be used to teach kids to handle their emotions, and build trust in their opponent. It can be used to teach control and discipline. Wrestling can also be used as a full-body workout. Even if you aren’t a natural-born athlete. Often when taking wrestling classes you are paired with an opponent of your same capabilities. This is great for self-assurance.

Heart Health

The act of wrestling incorporates fast and sudden movements. This is a great way to build cardiovascular health. It is also a great method to strengthen your lungs. The great thing about the sport is that anyone no matter age, weight, or athletic ability, can engage in it. Wrestling is a total body workout. In just one match, you are able to work almost every muscle in your body. All at the same time. Talk about time management! In fact, the All Elite Wrestling company (AEW) has even partnered with the American Heart Association. Together they are working to spread the message of heart health. 

Improving Focus

Wrestling isn’t just a great workout, it is also a great tool for improving one's focus. That is why it is great for kids to get into wrestling at a young age. Wrestling teaches kids the skills they need to work together, problem-solve, pay attention to detail, and strengthen their memory. In wrestling you not only have to work on your own skills, but you also have to be able to anticipate your partner's next move. You also have to learn how to beat your opponent, without actually causing them harm. This is a great way for you to gain self-esteem and mental awareness.

Discipline & Humility

Wrestling is a sport that encompasses not only physical strength but also emotional strength. It is great for testing your own limits. Also for dealing with loss. In wrestling, you are paired with someone of your athletic likeness. This makes the match a fair one. It is amazing for teaching you humility because even if you lose a match, you know that it was a fair fight. You are then able to learn your weakness and work harder to overcome them for the next match. If and when you lose a match, it can make it so that you work harder, mind-body, and soul, to compete again. It’s really all up to you. There is something so freeing about that. 


When competing in a match, you have one goal. To overpower your opponent. The problem here is that you are usually matched with someone who is in your age, weight, and strength group. So that means that in order to win, you have to think outside the box, sort to speak. It's not just as simple as being stronger than your opponent. It’s a matter of finding their weakness, mental or physical, and exploiting it to your advantage. When you look at a wrestling match, it might just seem like a physical brawl. However the more you look at it, you will see that it’s much more than that. You have a problem, and you have to solve it with any means necessary. This is a great tool that when learned, you can practice in your daily life.

Self Defense

So while you are looking to exploit your opponent’s weakness, you can be sure that they are doing the same to you. Wrestling can teach you how to not only hide your weaknesses but also defend against someone coming after you. It can teach you how to defend yourself from an attack, while also attacking. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to ward off an attacker, without causing harm. Wrestling can help immensely in this. It’s a mental strength that you need to be able to defend your weaknesses, while also not drawing attention to them.

Conclusion: Benefits Of Wrestling

To sum it up, wrestling is much more than just something to watch on TV. It has amazing health benefits, as well as mental and physical benefits. It’s also amazing for teaching kids important life lessons. No matter who you are, or what your physical capabilities are, wrestling is an amazing tool that you can use in your everyday life.

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