April 17, 2023

Benefits of Wooden Wicks

benefits of wooden wicks

Benefits of Wooden Wicks

One of the main reasons that people choose wooden wick candles is that they are naturally sustainable. They are also eco-friendly and are toxin and phthalate free. They are also more appealing to the eye and ears as they produce a crackling sound when burning, making them ideal for creating ambiance.

Clean Burn

As mentioned, wood wicks burn cleaner than cotton wicks. They don't have the carbon build-up that cotton wicks do, which is why they don't mushroom (an ugly black ball on top of the wick that lingers and smokes after it's burned).

Longer Life Span

Wooden wicks are more durable than cotton wicks, making them a great choice for people who like to make scented candles for long periods of time. This means that you can get more use out of a wooden wick candle than you would a cotton wick candle, which can result in saving money in the long run.

Wider Scent Throw

Wooden wicks also diffuse heat more rapidly into the wax, giving your candle a wider fragrance throw. As a result, they can push up to 35% more fragrance into the room than cotton wicks.

Wooden wicks are also more calming and relaxing than cotton wicks, which can be helpful for those who are trying to reduce stress or anxiety levels. They can also provide aromatherapy benefits because they release natural oils when they are lit, which can help relax the body and mind.


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