April 17, 2023

Benefits of Wearing Paduka

benefits of wearing paduka

Benefits of Wearing Paduka

The simplest form of foot protection in India, paduka is simply a sole with a knob that fits between the big toe and second toe. In Indian culture, this simple footwear is a symbol of spiritual devotion and has been worn by mendicants and religious men since the seventh century C.E.

Padukas are often made in the shape of feet, fish or hourglasses and are sometimes carved, painted or inlaid with precious metals and ivory. More elaborate and ornate padukas were crafted for special occasions, and in some cases were part of a bride’s trousseau or worn by people of high status.

Pain relief:

The Paduka has been used to help relieve pain for thousands of years in India as a simple and inexpensive method for relieving foot, ankle, shin and knee pain. It stimulates the nerve endings on the sole of the feet, which improve circulation and decrease fatigue.

Acupressure pads are specially designed to stimulate the soles of the feet which have hundreds of nerve endings. These acupressure pads are great for improving circulation, reducing fatigue and inducing relaxation.

Reduces stress and anxiety:

The Paduka is also known for its ability to help reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to a variety of health problems including heart disease, headaches, insomnia and depression. It is also effective for managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and asthma.

Increases uptake oxygen and energy levels:

The Paduka can also be used as a massager to help stimulate the nerve endings on the sole of the foot, which improve circulation and decrease fatigue. Acupressure pads can be placed on the soles of the feet before and after a workout or when you are feeling under the weather, to promote healthy blood flow, increase uptake oxygen and energy levels and alleviate fatigue.


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