November 17, 2021

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor: Top 5 Benefits

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor


Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up, and your back's already throwing a fit, screaming its displeasure for all to hear? Or maybe it's your neck that's decided to go on strike, turning every glance over your shoulder into an exercise in gritted teeth. You're definitely not alone on this one. There's a whole crowd battling the daily grind of aches and pains that seem hell-bent on making our lives just that bit less joyful.

Whether you have a spine-related issue or chronic neck pain, muscle stiffness, or a severe headache, visiting a chiropractor is always helpful. Though various over-the-counter medications are available, they offer temporary respite.

Now, imagine bending down to snag that box of cereal from the bottom shelf without that sharp jab of pain or drifting off to sleep without playing a restless game of pillow-flipping. Sounds pretty good, right? This is where a trip to the chiropractor might just change the game for you.

Read these Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor.

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractors typically provide long-term solutions for the previously mentioned issues. They are experts in improving body posture, which helps in spinal adjustment.

Chiropractic procedures have plenty of health benefits. Let us dig inside and learn more about them

1. Treats Back Pain

One of the biggest reasons for seeking chiropractic care is back pain. Trained professionals use controlled pressure to look into the spine alignment. Sometimes, they also use a specifically designed instrument for this purpose.

They may require other diagnostic imaging like CT scan, MRI, X-Ray, or lab tests to develop the treatment plan.

You know those days when your back just isn't playing ball, and you can almost hear it grumbling at you? Well, often, it's down to this tricky thing called subluxations - a fancy word for when the bits of your spine aren't lining up right. These misalignments are like throwing a wrench in the works, irritating nerves and making muscles work overtime, which spells out one thing: pain.

- Lower Back Pain

An acute back pain, usually on the lower back, can be perfectly resolved through spinal adjustments. This pain usually results from lifting heavy objects, moving furniture, or sitting in an inappropriate position for long hours.

- Safe for Pregnant Women

Back pain is also common in pregnant women. Thankfully, it is safe for them to get a chiropractic procedure. Be sure to ask all questions you have during the first chiropractic appointment.

In some cases, that nagging sciatica, and a host of other aches can turn what should be a beautiful experience into a bit of an ordeal. This is where a little bit of chiropractic magic can come in handy. Imagine being able to glide rather than waddle through your days, finding some peace from those relentless aches. That's the relief chiropractic care can offer, making your pregnancy journey a bit smoother and way more comfortable.

- First Appointment Can Take a While

Be prepared for a long first visit, which may take up to an hour. The Practitioner will take your history, evaluate the problem, and develop a treatment strategy in this visit. So, if you find it hard to sit for long, take enough rest beforehand.

2. Cures Cervical Pain

Neck pain is another common issue among the young and the old. Often referred to as cervical pain, this pain results from poor posture, pinched nerves, strain, or other factors. Just like in back pain, a chiropractor goes through the primary diagnosis.

- Neck Adjustment

Usually, neck adjustment helps ease the pain. It is a process, and the chiropractors give hand pressure on specific points. Besides increasing spine mobility, this process increases the movement of connecting neck muscles. Consequently, patients feel relief in pain, stiffness, and soreness.

- Therapy Options

Depending on the condition, patients with neck pain get a variety of therapy options. These include trigger point therapy, joint stretching technique, massage therapy, instrument-assisted therapy, etc.

3. Reduces High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure causes several severe health problems like stroke, heart failure, dementia, memory issues, etc. Many people permanently take medications to keep their blood pressure under control. However, chiropractic care has an effective treatment for high blood pressure.

A study performed on 25 individuals has shown that chiropractic procedures can lower blood pressure. The study shows that this practice helps realign the Atlas Vertebra, a bone present at the spine top.

Adjustment in this bone helps in controlling high blood pressure without having any adverse impacts.

4. Aids Weight Loss (Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor)

Problems in the spine can become a significant hindrance in exercise. Many people face difficulties in routine exercises due to back pain, hip soreness, sciatica, and several other issues.

However, chiropractors believe that having a good posture lets us move well. It enables us to take an active part in weight loss exercises. Losing weight becomes possible when we can walk, jog, and stay consistent with the exercise regime.

Furthermore, chiropractors combine weight loss exercises with nutritional interventions. So, chiropractic care can help us lose weight successfully.

- Backed by Research

Weight loss with the help of the chiropractic approach is backed by research. 30 participants followed a 13-week weight reduction program, out of which 16 completed it and successfully reduced weight. Their program included chiropractic adjustment, diet changes, exercise, and counseling.

- Find the right Practitioner

However, not every chiropractor is suitable for weight loss guidance. You need to engage one who specializes in nutritional science. It enables them to provide a thorough guide related to diet changes along with performing chiropractic therapies.

5. Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

When you’re stressed out, your muscles become tense. A chiropractic adjustment helps in reducing muscle tension, which in turn reduces stress. But, how it all happens, let’s understand.

During stress, your body produces a hormone called Adrenaline. It increases the blood supply and heightens blood pressure. Along with this, it creates tension in muscles that are around the spine. During a spine adjustment, our muscles automatically release the tension, consequently reducing stress.

Spine adjustment contributes to stress alleviation. When your spine is at its place, it adds to your general well-being and helps in performing your routine tasks. This feeling of well-being produces happy hormones and reduces anxiety levels.

Final Thoughts: Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

In short, visiting a chiropractor brings endless health benefits. From controlling blood pressure and reducing stress to losing weight and alleviating aches, it improves your health in multiple ways.

So, if you are tired of taking painkillers and want to improve your overall health, take a chiropractor appointment today!


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