April 17, 2023

Benefits of Ultherapy

benefits of ultherapy

Benefits of Ultherapy

Ultherapy is the first and only FDA-approved treatment that uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten loose skin. It works by targeting the natural collagen fibers that are weakened as we age and triggering them to produce new, firmer skin.

The procedure is safe and effective for both men and women with mild to moderate sagging, drooping or loose skin in the face and neck area. It’s especially beneficial for patients who want to counteract the effects of time and gravity by restoring the skin’s youthful appearance.

Using ultrasound imaging, we can determine the optimal depth at which to deliver low levels of focused energy so that it will rejuvenate the tissue without leaving any damage to the surface of the skin. This allows for safer, more precise treatment that yields better results than many other non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Results vary from client to client, but most clients see noticeable improvements after one session. Some need two or more treatments to achieve the desired effect, however, and it may take up to a year for the full results to be achieved.

Most people describe a momentary prickling or heating sensation under the skin during their treatment, but this feeling is usually mild and tolerable. This is a normal and expected response to the ultrasound energy being delivered during the procedure. The treatment is also accompanied by slight redness, but this typically disappears within a few hours of the procedure.


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