April 16, 2023

Benefits of Twerking For Fitness Enthusiasts

benefits of twerking

Twerking, a dance form that involves violently shaking one's behind, has been making waves across the country. While the act is not without its controversial side, it also offers a number of health benefits for fitness enthusiasts.

The dance has been around for quite some time but has recently gained a lot of popularity among fitness enthusiasts. This is because it is a fun way to burn calories and tone your abs, glutes and thighs.

Popstar Miley Cyrus managed to bring the dance to limelight and now there are numerous people who are taking up twerking as their workout routine. Adding a little bit of confidence and attitude to this dance form can really help you tone and shape your body.

Benefits of Twerking

Twerking is a very challenging form of dance that requires a lot of strength and flexibility. If you are not a strong poler or dancer, you should avoid this dance form for safety reasons.

If you are a beginner, try practicing slow twerking first before moving on to fast twerking. This will help you to develop proper posture and grip while performing twerking stunts on the pole or floor.

You can also combine twerking with some of the common poling drills like slide-downs, climb-ups and pole swings to heat up your skills. However, you should take note that you must practice in a safe environment like a nightclub before trying out the twerking stunts on stage.


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