April 17, 2023

Benefits of Treading Water

benefits of treading water

Benefits of treading water

Treading water is a type of exercise that can be done in a pool or other body of water. It is a low-impact workout that can improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and increase balance and coordination.

It can also help you burn calories and build muscle tone, according to Shape Fit. This form of exercise can also be done in small pools and is a good option for pregnant women.

A basic treading technique involves sculling the arms with palms tilted away from the body on the outward stroke and back toward the body as the arm movement moves inward. You can also do a frog kick, scissor kick, or eggbeater kick to conserve energy and propel more of your body up above the water.

You can use only your legs or only your arms for treading water, although this will be less efficient. In either case, you will want to do the movement as slowly as possible so that you can conserve energy.

To maximize your energy and maximize the benefits of treading water, you should focus on breathing while doing it. Breathing slowly and deeply allows you to conserve your energy, while also calming your nervous system.

Treading water is also a great way to build confidence in swimming as it helps you develop the skills you need to swim efficiently and effectively. This will also give you a head start when you begin to learn other swimming techniques.


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