April 17, 2023

Benefits of the Real Care Baby Program

benefits of real care baby program

Benefits of the Real Care Baby Program

The real care baby is the world's most advanced infant simulator. Educators around the globe use this interactive learning aid to teach early childhood pathways, parenting, nursing, sex education and infant health classes. This smart baby adds meaning and accountability by using wireless programming to track and report on caregiver behaviors, including care events, mishandling actions, time in a car seat as well as clothing changes.

It's a great way to get kids involved in hands-on learning, as well as a good way to engage students and reduce teen pregnancy rates. For example, a family and consumer science class in Hancock County High School in Kentucky has students keep real care babies for three days and nights to simulate a "real life" parenting experience.

Real care baby is actually part of a total parenting simulation program, which includes an extremely realistic, life-sized doll, a diaper bag, infant car seat and carrier, birth certificates and T-shirts, and other program extension products. The best part is that students have to pay for everything out of their own pocket, which is the perfect motivator for parents and teachers alike!

There are many benefits to the real care baby program, but perhaps the most important is that it helps prepare future parents for the realities of being a parent. It also teaches students about the pitfalls of teen pregnancy and other issues that young people face in their daily lives.


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