April 17, 2023

Benefits of the Kingdom of God

benefits of the kingdom of god

Benefits of the kingdom of god

When you serve God, you become qualified to receive divine ideas and insight that are only accessible by servants of the kingdom. It's a powerful tool to help you live out your purpose in life and get what you want from God.

The kingdom of God exists within you and among your friends, family, congregation and co-workers. It's a place where relationships thrive, where kindness and attention to individual needs are prioritized.

It's a dynamic place that is going to be fully established in the future when Jesus returns. During that time, all of mankind will be united and living under the reign of the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is the ruling power of an eternal and sovereign God over all creation. It's also the governing authority over the hearts and lives of those who accept Christ as their lord and gladly submit to His rule in their lives. The kingdom of God is a place where love and compassion prevail over sin, selfishness, and self-serving power. It's a place where the King's throne is a cross and the King reigns with self-giving love.


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