September 18, 2022

Benefits of Tawa Tawa Leaves: Healer

Introduction: Benefits of Tawa Tawa Leaves

Benefits of Tawa Tawa Leaves

Tawa Tawa leaves grow on the Tawa tree. It is a broadleaf evergreen. Additionally, the Tawa tree can grow up to 100 feet tall. They are used for fighting against fever and joint pains. As well as other skin irritants that occur when infected with the Dengue virus. They are known as a healing aid, as they are believed to help in treating common wounds. Such as warts, and other fungi and bacteria that affect the body. Additionally, they are hydration benefits as well. As well as aiding in other more serious diseases. The plant grows in grassy areas. Like fields or other forest areas. Keep reading to hear all of the  Benefits of Tawa Tawa Leaves

Benefits of Tawa Tawa Leaves

Tawa Tawa Leaves Are Great For Hydration

These leaves are great in preventing dehydration. It has a compound that absorbs electrolytes and water inside your body. You are able to drink the leaves much like you would any other tea leaves. Leave a few dried leaves in a cup of boiling water. After a few minutes you can enjoy a nice cup of Tawa Tawa tea. Many people who are coffee addicts will drink this instead. To help with the dehydration of caffeine. Or even alcohol. Click here to find out the best method for brewing Tawa Tawa tea.

Tawa Tawa Will Aid In Healing Skin Irritants

Wounds, warts, and fungi are just some of the annoying skin issues that the Tawa Tawa leaves help heal. They can also help with boils, cuts, and rashes. Either apply the dried leaves, or crush it into a powder. There is also a small liquid that comes out of the leaves when crushed. This liquid is also beneficial for the skin. Tawa Tawa is known to stop bleeding. This makes it a great choice for open wounds. For this reason, it is the common aid for treating snake bites in most areas. 

Tawa Tawa Increases Platelets

Immune thrombocytopenia, or ITP, is a condition when you have a low platelet count. This is caused when your immune system mistakenly attacks your healthy platelets. Symptoms include excessive bleeding, fatigue, and rash. Because the Tawa Tawa powder is already used as a remedy for bleeding wounds, it’s used a lot with people suffering from ITP. By drinking tea made of Tawa Tawa leaves, your body's platelets also increase in production by 194%. That is incredible. There aren't too many remedies out there for ITP as it is. 

Gargling Tawa Tawa Leaves

You can rub the dried leaves, or the liquid from inside the leaves, on your skin irritants. You can also brew the leaves and drink it as a tea. But did you also know it is common to gargle the leaves in water?  We know that the leaves are great in fighting off bacteria and fungi in the body. It is also common to gargle to help with oral ulcers and other gum diseases. 

Tawa Tawa Can Lower Blood Pressure

Tawa Tawa leaves help improve your immune system overall. It also helps lower your blood pressure. In fact, in Africa and Australia, it is used for fighting against edema. As well as hypertension. This is because the leaves can inhibit the creation of enzymes that cause the thinning of your blood vessels. This is a great and simple way to get your blood pressure down. And keep it down. 

Conclusion: Benefits of Tawa Tawa Leaves

Is there anything this plant can’t do? From drinking it as a tea. To using it as a skin aid. You can even gargle it. It does so much for your body. Both inside and out. It can help with conditions such as hypertension and ITP. And also edema and dehydration. I’m surprised that it’s not more commonly promoted. Best part, it's a part of nature, and free. I have a feeling more and more people are going to be hopping on the Tawa Tawa train. Much like the rest of the world. Finally, you now know the Tawa Tawa Leaves benefits. Also, please check Kefi Mind‘s front page to see other cool articles on health and more.

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