October 17, 2022

Benefits Of Taking Strattera At Night: Less Side Effects

Introduction: Benefits of taking Strattera at Night

Benefits of taking Strattera at Night

Strattera is a prescription medication used primarily to treat ADHD. ADHD is short for adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It causes difficulty in paying attention. As well as increases hyperactivity. It can also cause impulsive behavior. Although it is labeled adult, symptoms and diagnoses are often seen in early childhood. Which is why Strattera has been approved for patients as young as six years old. Medicating children has always been a controversial conversation. Is it necessary? Does it cause more harm? Is there a difference between taking it in the morning, or at night? And what about the side effects? Keep reading to hear all of the Benefits of taking Strattera at Night

Benefits of taking Strattera at Night

Full Stomach: Benefits of Strattera at Night

A commonly expressed side effect has been dizziness. This may be caused because you are supposed to take Strattera on a full stomach. With busy lives, we often don’t eat much for breakfast. If at all. This is why taking Strattera at night is ideal. No matter how much or how little we may eat during the day, we usually all eat dinner. This ensures that you have a full stomach when you take your medication.


The most common side effect of most medications is drowsiness. Not all patients experience this. However some do. Taking Strattera right before bedtime eliminates the inconvenience of feeling drowsy throughout your day. What better time to feel sleepy before you go to sleep? Seems like a win win.

Keep Your Appetite: 

Strattera may also cause a loss of appetite. You do have to take it on a full stomach. Which is why nighttime is best. If you take Strattera during the day you may not be able to have a full belly of breakfast due to the potential loss of appetite. Taking it at night after you’ve had dinner, makes a loss of appetite after inconsequential. 

Brain Work: Strattera at Night

Strattera is prescribed to patients with ADHD. This is because it works to increase attention in the brain. And works to decrease restlessness. While we are sleeping, and maybe why we need to sleep, is to recharge your whole body. While this medication is working on your brain chemicals, what better time to take it when your brain is already at work recharging itself?


Conclusion: Benefits of taking Strattera at Night

Taking Strattera, as early as six years old, is a great medication to help with the symptoms of ADHD. There may be some side effects, like drowsiness and lack of appetite. The time of day to take it is really up to you, and your doctor. However, it may  be easier and more beneficial to take it at night, after a full meal. Click here to read even more about the benefits of taking Strattera at night.

Finally, you now know the Strattera benefits. Also, please check Kefi Mind‘s front page to see other cool articles on health and more.

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