April 16, 2023

Benefits of Salawat

There are many benefits of salaat (prayer) that can be reaped by worshippers. Some of these benefits include improving flexibility, strengthening muscles, enhancing blood circulation, and providing a break from monotonous chores.

The act of prayer involves the movement of a number of bodily postures and recitation of specific supplications. These movements are known to enhance flexibility and muscular fitness in addition to providing a moderate form of exercise to the large muscle group that would otherwise be unattainable by the average person.

In addition, the movement of the joints and concentric and eccentric muscle contractions during prayer are believed to play an important role in maintaining standing dynamic balance11). This sensorimotor task also involves low amplitude body movements and requires only minimal body movement control to maintain stability.

Sending salaat upon the Prophet during tashahhud is an excellent example of the physical benefits of prayer, as it involves moving through several distinct bodily postures and reciting a specific supplication. This action has also been narrated by a number of scholars and is considered to be Sunnah. It is therefore recommended to say it whenever the Prophet’s name is mentioned during tashahhud.


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