April 16, 2023

Benefits of Plums

benefits of pluots

Benefits of pluots

A variety of sweet fruits that range from red and purple to yellow-green, pluots are available from May through September. They’re a good source of vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system and repair damaged cells.

Suitable for a wide range of recipes, pluots are versatile and tasty eaten fresh or baked into pies, crisps, cobblers and tarts. They’re also great sliced over breakfast cereal or in fruit salads, smoothies and ice cream.

Selecting a ripe pluot

When selecting a ripe pluot, make sure it has firm, dark skin and smells sweet. It should give slightly when touched, but not be bruised or mushy.

Ripening tips for pluots

If you want to ripen your pluots more quickly, store them in a closed paper bag at room temperature. You can also place them in the refrigerator crisper bin, if you like, until they’re fully ripe.

Watering your pluots

Just like apricots, pluots need 1 to 2 inches of water each week in their first year of growth. They do best in sandy or loamy soil that is well-draining. If your soil is acidic, add some pelletized limestone to raise the pH.

Eating pluots

Pluots are low in calories, with just 15 grams of sugar per serving (which is equivalent to a half-cup). They’re also rich in vitamins and minerals, including fiber, which helps control blood sugar levels.

Improve immunity

Plums are known for boosting your immune system and helping you fight off colds and the flu. They contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that can cause various diseases. They are also rich in vitamin C, which can help prevent certain cancers and boost vision.


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