April 17, 2023

Benefits of Participating in a QRIS System

All of the following are benefits of participating in a qris system except

Increased availability and choice of quality care; empowers parents as savvy consumers and makes policymakers accountable for investing public dollars in higher quality; provides a roadmap to improve quality; and strengthens provider capacity to provide high-quality early education.

All QRISs have progressive quality standards, usually three to five levels of quality based on research and best practice; monitoring and assessment help providers improve their programs. They also offer support, including technical assistance on conducting self-assessments and developing quality improvement plans; professional development to enhance knowledge and skills of staff; and significant ongoing financial awards that can help maintain higher quality.

The star ratings are easy to understand, and often multiple stars (the equivalent of a four or five-star restaurant). They are publicly available, and financial incentives are offered to reward consumers who choose high-quality care.

In addition to rating, most systems also support providers by ensuring they are eligible for state and local child care funding. They may provide coaching to educators to improve their teaching skills or develop more effective curriculum.

Support for families and children: Most states have a state-funded early childhood mental health service agency, like the ECMHS in Southern NV, that provides observation and feedback to child care centers/programs about children’s social/emotional and behavioral challenges within their classroom setting; consultation to teachers and parents regarding the mental health of young children; and training for child care staff on effective practices in caring for children with emotional or behavioral issues.


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