February 7, 2023

Benefits of Oracle

benefits of oracle

Benefits of oracle

Oracle is a popular database software system that provides a wide range of solutions to businesses. It offers multiple databases, line of business applications, data analytics software, middleware, computer systems, and other technologies.

It also helps companies meet their developer expectations with standardized data integration, security, and access standards for their IT infrastructures. Organizations can eliminate data silos, time-consuming administration, and inefficient data management to save money on their infrastructure costs.

Moreover, Oracle also gives developers and analysts the power to search data throughout relational databases, object storage, and open-source software such as Apache Spark and Elasticsearch. They can then run this information through business intelligence (BI) tools to produce insights for the organization.

A key benefit of oracle is its ability to process large pools of data quickly and efficiently, which can make it ideal for data mining and parallel processing. It also partitions data tables into smaller segments to reduce memory and disk use, which allows it to run faster than other databases and applications.

Big Data & Analytics

As the volume of digital data continues to grow, marketers and publishers need to organize and analyze it to get useful insights. They can utilize Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) to store, manage, and retrieve this information for better marketing initiatives and engagement.

Self-Service Analytics / Dashboards

Oracle analytics solutions automate data discovery, data preparation, and analytics operations to improve reporting, data visualization, and user productivity. Users can then generate actionable insights and perform advanced analytics such as forecasting and clustering with ease.


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