April 17, 2023

Benefits of Membership in the ADAA

benefits of membership in the adaa include

Benefits of membership in the adaa include:

1. Access to the latest information, products and resources to help you stay on top of the profession.
2. Make lasting friendships with other dental assistants who share the same interests, work experiences and goals as you do.

3. Grow personally and professionally by participating in workshops, seminars, meetings, lectures and other events offered through the ADAA.

4. Keep up to date with legislative issues affecting the dental assisting industry and learn about new techniques, materials, technology and equipment that can enhance your career.

5. Become a leader by participating in ADAA activities that promote the professional growth and advancement of dental assistants.

6. Gain recognition for your hard work and achievements by becoming an ADAA Fellow or Master.

7. Earn continuing education credits by attending ADAA workshops and hearing prominent speakers.

8. Get support from other members in your area through peer review, committee work and networking opportunities.

10. Improve your people skills by participating in ADAA activities and establishing relationships with other dental assistants that will last a lifetime.

11. ADAA recognizes your commitment to excellence and your desire to be on the cutting edge of the dental assisting field through its Fellowship and Mastership programs (Learn More).

The ADAA offers two levels of Fellowship and Mastership based on educational hours obtained and continuous years of membership in the ADAA. Those who achieve Fellowship are eligible to receive a Certificate and participate in the Convocation ceremony at an ADAA Annual Conference.


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