December 27, 2022

 Benefits Of Long Distance Running: Mind & Body

Introduction: Benefits Of Long Distance Running

 Benefits Of Long Distance Running

There are many benefits of exercise in general. Running, however, may have the most benefits. Especially long distance running. What exactly is the difference between running and long distance running? By definition, long distance running is continuous running for at least 1.9 miles. There are many benefits to this, such as improving heart health, building muscle, and even improving your overall mood. Keep reading to hear all of the benefits of long distance running.

Benefits Of Long Distance Running

Improving Your Mood


Who doesn’t want to have a more positive mood? Running, in fact, helps to improve your mood tremendously. While working out, running in particular, you have an increase of blood flow to your brain. When this happens, your brain will release dopamine and endorphins, which work to lower stress, improve your mood, and improve your mental health and memory. Sounds pretty good to me.


Faster Metabolism


Having a fast metabolism, especially as we grow older, is super beneficial to maintaining a healthy weight. You know the people that can eat whatever they want, and never gain a pound? They claim it’s because of a fast metabolism, and it makes us hate them? Well, it’s true, a fast metabolism means that the food that we eat changes into energy. Not only does cardiovascular exercise help stimulate your metabolism, but it also helps suppress your appetite. This is great for losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight, without necessarily having to diet.


Builds Mental Endurance


Running is one thing, but long distance running is another thing. The difference is, well, the distance. Running for a long period of time takes a lot of skill. From having to focus on your breathing, to your water intake, to the exercise in general. When you are running a marathon for example, there is a lot of training leading up to it that you need to do to prepare. And as you are running the marathon, you have to keep focus mentally, to successfully finish. The mental skill it takes during long distance running is a skill of mental endurance that you can carry with you in many aspects of your life.

Longer Lifespan


Well, who doesn’t want a longer lifespan? Does running really help improve the longevity of one's life? Many researchers have found the answer to that question is yes. While also finding out that the effects of running help ward off different cancers. In fact, the British Journal of Sports Medicine found a study that observed the health of 2,560 middle-aged men over 17 years. It found that of the men in the study, the ones that were physically active were the least likely to develop cancer. Even more, they found that those who ran for just 30 minutes a day were the most protected against cancer. You can click here to read more about it.


Conclusion: Benefits Of Long Distance Running

There are many benefits to long distance running. It seems crazy that more people aren’t grabbing their running shoes. From health, mind, mental clarity, and even preventing cancer. Seems like a no brainer to start running today.

Finally, you now know the benefits of long distance running. Also, please check Kefi Mind‘s front page to see other cool articles on health and more.

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