April 16, 2023

Benefits of Lighting a Diya at Home

benefits of lighting diya at home

The tradition of lighting a Diya is a part of Indian culture and tradition and has been followed since ancient times. It is a ritual that brings prosperity, good fortune and positivity in the house.

Benefits of Lighting diya at home

Traditionally, ghee was used to light the Diya but it's not available easily in market and a lot of people are using other oils instead of cow's ghee. Oils like mustard oil, sesame oil and pancha deepam are used for lighting the Diya.

When we light the Diya, it emits fire energy which can help remove all negative energies from our houses. It also has the ability to attract sattvic vibrations from the surroundings.

It's a spiritual practice to light the Diya at morning hours and evening time, as it helps us cleanse our mind. This helps us to think positively, and this can help us in the rest of our day.

Other benefits of lighting the Diya are listed below:

Cleanse the house – It removes all bad odors and foul smells from the house. It also helps in eliminating insecticides from the air.

Brings harmony and peace to the environment - It creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in your house, which helps you to sleep better at night.

Protects your family – It neutralizes all negative energies in your house and keeps away all evil spirits from your home. It also keeps your family healthy and safe from diseases.


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