April 17, 2023

Benefits of Interconnection

benefits of interconnection

Industrial machine connectivity offers many benefits, including greater efficiency, better insight into operations and production, and a lower cost of operation. Connected machines provide plant workers with information in real time so they can monitor their performance from anywhere, making it possible to have fewer employees on site. If a machine malfunctions, for example, everyone can be alerted immediately and work can stop until it’s sorted out. This makes connected devices more reliable, and reduces the risk of equipment damage or injury to plant workers.

Interconnection has become a critical part of digitalization, with more and more companies using devices, systems, applications, data, and the cloud to function. As workloads have become more latency-sensitive and security-sensitive, interconnection needs have grown as well.

Benefits of interconnection

The network infrastructure in a company should be built to accommodate changing needs and ensure that data flow across the entire business is secure and resilient. This means ensuring that the networks that link people, devices, systems, and applications are optimized to ensure optimal speed, quality, security, and latency. This also means implementing an interconnection strategy that will keep up with the rapid changes that come with digitalization and allow your business to function effectively in the future. This includes implementing cross-connects that are superior to traditional point-to-point solutions and partnering with a data centre that provides a variety of services, such as peering, cloud connectivity, closed user groups, security services, and more.


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