April 17, 2023

Benefits of Forgiveness Biblical

benefits of forgiveness biblical

Benefits of Forgiveness Biblical

The Bible makes a clear case for forgiveness and reconciliation. In fact, many spiritual traditions across the world and in varying contexts have some version of forgiveness as their central virtue.

Forgiveness is the ability to forgive someone who has wronged you and to move past those feelings of anger, resentment or hostility toward them. Forgiveness allows you to release the hurt and bitterness that may have been stored up since the event occurred, which in turn can free you from the physical and mental pain it has caused.

It can also lead to greater empathy and compassion for the person who wronged you. It can help you to understand their perspective and why they did what they did, says psychologist Jonathan Swartz.

In addition, it can help you to forgive yourself. It can be hard to do so if you have held onto the hurt for too long, but once you start, you will find yourself experiencing an abundance of peace and happiness as your heart begins to heal.

It is important to note that while forgiveness often leads to reconciliation, it does not always. For example, you may forgive someone and then choose to keep your distance from them because they continue to harm you.

Forgiveness also has a number of psychological benefits, such as lowering levels of stress hormones in your body and improving your overall health. It can also strengthen your resilience to triggers that cause you to become resentful and angry.


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