February 7, 2023

Benefits of Double Wick Candles

benefits of double wick candles

Benefits of Double Wick Candles

One of the most popular ways to add candles to your home decor is by using double wicks. These wicks connect together and allow you to get the most out of your candles by creating a better melt pool.

These candle wicks can also help to prevent soot development, mushrooming of the wick, and fading of your candle scent. Additionally, double wicks burn more efficiently and can be used for some heavier fragrance oils.

The best way to choose if you should use a double wick is by testing the burn. The most important thing to remember when testing is that you should not wait for too long before checking the burn. This is because you can build up extra carbon around the wicks and cause problems like mushrooming, smoking, and soot release.

When you’re ready to use a new candle, make sure it’s placed in a safe, dry place with minimal air movement such as away from windows and doors. Moving air can irritate your candle’s wick and cause it to burn unevenly.

In addition, it’s a good idea to avoid placing your candle in an area with pets and children. They can move around a lot and this can affect the strength of the smell and even lead to scent blindness in some people.

You should also make sure to only light your candle for a short period of time, about 4 hours at a time. This will reduce the risk of mushrooming and soot development, but it will also make it easier to extinguish your candle properly.


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