April 16, 2023

Benefits of Deployment Automation

benefits of deployment automation

Deployment automation is a great way to automate software deployments, allowing any member of your team to trigger and run an automated release. This removes the need for a dedicated deployment person who could miss crucial steps or be unavailable at short notice, and makes the process much easier to manage across teams.

Automating Deployment Reduces Time and Error Risk

The manual process of releasing a new software update can be tedious, error-prone, and frustrating for all involved. It's a job that often falls to developers and testers in a team, who are already busy delivering new features and improvements to their products.

When a release is performed manually, it can be hard to get feedback and resolve issues as quickly as they occur. With automation, the same code can be released repeatedly at a higher frequency and receive user feedback sooner. This enables you to respond to user needs and improve your products in small, incremental increments.

Detecting bugs that are hard to find with "regular" testing methods is another key benefit of automation. When you can automate the process of running your application's tests, you'll find problems such as memory leaks much more quickly and efficiently.

Faster Feedback and Disabling Buggy Features

Getting feedback on your software updates as soon as possible is critical to improving the product and staying ahead of your competition. This means that integrating your testing and observability tools with your deployment pipeline is essential. To do this, you need to set up a build that runs your application's script to deploy it to a testing or staging environment every time a change is checked into source control.


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