April 26, 2022

Benefits Of Declawing A Cat: Pros and Cons

Benefits Of Declawing A Cat

Introduction: Benefits Of Declawing A Cat

You may have thought about declawing your cat at times. There are many reasons why it could be very beneficial to you, your cat, and your family. You definitely want to weigh the options as it is a serious procedure. Your cat could have complications, but this is rare and on the flip side there are so many benefits. Here are the benefits of declawing a cat.

Benefits Of Declawing A Cat

We will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of declawing a cat. Please consult with a vet before making this decision. These pointers are only here to help you make this decision with your family and professionals.

Pro: Protection For You

Clearly, you can get some protection for yourself by declawing your cat. At times, cats can be a little wild and come up to you and scratch. You may not be super annoyed by some of the scratches they leave on you. It may be more of a concern if you are anemic or you have children in the home. Moreover, a vicious attack by a cat can be dangerous in both of these cases.

Pro: Can Get You Closer To Your Cat

Sometimes you may not want to pet your cat because you fear it will scratch you. This case can be more of an issue with some cats versus others. The point is that if you get this procedure completed, you may be able to actually pet your cat and eventually get closer to it. The home life relationship may be even stronger after the procedure. 

Pro: Protection For Your Furniture

Cats love to sharpen their nails on furniture all the time. Declawing your pet may be the only full proof option to saving your precious and expensive furniture.

Benefits Of Declawing A Cat

Con: Behavior Issues 

Some cats may develop some behavioral issues after having this procedure due to the trauma. If your cat is sensitive, they may really not like the process and may hold it against you going into the future. This will vary depending on your cat. Moreover, it does not happen in every case.

Con: It Causes Unnecessary Pain

Yes, it is true. The procedure is pretty serious and involves removing a part of a bone in the cats fingers. Moreover, this is why local anesthesia is needed during the surgery. Furthermore, pain killers may be needed after the procedure to keep pain down for a bit. The recovery time is not too long, but can take a bit of a toll on your kitty. The American Association of Feline Practitioners has chimed in on this and talks about it more in depth.

Conclusion: Benefits Of Declawing A Cat

Remember there are various benefits of declawing a cat as well as some disadvantages. Additionally, be sure to consult with your pets healthcare provider before you make any decisions. Your cat's livelihood matters and you should make sure that this comes first when making your decision. Lastly, good luck on your journey. Also, please let me know what you guys think below? Any other benefits or cons?

Finally, you now know the benefits of declawing a cat. Furthermore, please check Kefi Mind's front page to see other cool articles on health, pets, and more.

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