February 3, 2024

Benefits of Child's Pose

childs pose

Child's pose (Balasana; pronounced 'bah-lahs-uh-nuh) is one of the most popular restorative poses found in yoga classes, whether slow yin or power vinyasa. It provides a relaxing yet calming pose which strengthens lower back muscles, buttock/gluteal muscles, quadriceps/quadriceps muscles in front of thighs/quadriceps muscle front of legs quadriceps/quadriceps/quadriceps and ankles. Furthermore it activates parasympathetic nervous system which may help manage stress management or assist with managing/stabilizing/lowering or stabilizing blood pressure levels.

Child's pose provides an excellent way to gain greater breath awareness. Because your chest is compressed against your thighs, breathing around the ribs in order to fill your lungs with air is necessary - which promotes slower and more controlled breathing patterns.

This pose offers many other advantages as well. For one thing, it opens and lengthens the spine gently while stretching hamstrings and loosening shoulders. Furthermore, it activates and strengthens trapezius muscles, which run from nape of neck to shoulders.

People living with herniated discs must exercise extreme caution when performing this pose, which may prove challenging to achieve due to its forward bend nature and potential pressure placed on spinal facet joints and other nerve endings. Before practicing it, seek advice from either their physician or physical therapist and if given approval use pillows or blankets as support to keep knees and hips stable without overworking delicate areas like their pelvis and spine.


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