April 16, 2023

Benefits of Buttermilk For Skin

benefits of buttermilk for skin

Adding buttermilk to your diet is a great way to give your body a boost of vitamins and nutrients. It also helps take good care of your skin and hair.

Benefits of Buttermilk for Skin

Its lactic acid helps cleanse the skin effectively. The acid can help remove dirt, oil, and makeup that accumulates on the skin, leaving you with a fresh, clean look.

Aside from removing impurities, buttermilk also nourishes your skin and makes it glow naturally. The lactic acid and milk proteins present in this ingredient work together to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

The lactic acid in buttermilk is also effective in exfoliating your skin to brighten up the appearance of dark spots and marks. The acid is also a natural anti-inflammatory and can soothe your skin if you have been suffering from acne or other skin problems.

Another benefit of buttermilk is that it can help relieve the symptoms of sunburns. The lactic acid in it is a great ingredient to get rid of burns quickly.

Relieves Pimples

Using a mixture of buttermilk and gram flour (besan) on your face can help reduce pimples. This mixture is ideal for all types of skin, including dry and oily.

Lightens Spots and Marks

As mentioned above, buttermilk is loaded with lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids. These acids can help lighten up stubborn marks and blemishes on your skin, without drying it out.

You can also make a natural, homemade scrub with buttermilk and orange peel powder. To make this, simply mix the powder in buttermilk until it forms a paste. Apply this mask on your skin twice or thrice a week for a fresh, glowing complexion.


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