April 27, 2022

Benefits Of Braces: Better Smile & Better Health

Benefits Of Braces

Introduction: Benefits Of Braces

Orthodontists have estimated that about 45% of kids have braces. They’ve also estimated that about 75% of kids require them. With those percentages, it seems inevitable that most of the population has or has had braces. It seems braces go hand in hand with adolescence. Is that because everyone generally has crooked teeth? Or could there be other benefits of braces that we’re not aware of?

Benefits Of Braces

There are many benefits to braces. The main one being the ability to straighten teeth. Straight teeth aren’t necessarily just for cosmetic reasons, but also for health reasons too. Straighter teeth are proven to make things such as eating and speaking much easier. Teeth that grow crooked can cause jaw pain that leads to chronic headaches. There are also the issues of jaw misalignment, which results in the dreaded overbite, or underbite. 


Let's face it, adolescence is hard enough as it is. Kids are brutal when it comes to teasing. Between bad skin and awkward growth spurts, it seems childhood teasing is inevitable. This is the reason why kids usually dread having to get braces. The term ‘braceface’ has been around for as long as I can remember. A great way around that is by opting for Invisalign. Invisalign is a great alternative to typical braces, as they are basically invisible. They help gradually straighten teeth over time and are changed every few weeks to keep up to date with your teeth straightening process. A great thing about Invisalign is that, unlike metal braces, you are able to remove these whenever you are eating. So no embarrassment from food getting stuck in your braces!

Plaque & Decay

Vanity aside, straight teeth are just overall better when it comes to oral health. When teeth begin to overlap, it can make it that much harder to clean and floss in between each tooth. This is a leading cause of bacteria and plaque build-up. With the bacteria build-up, tooth decay can and most likely will happen. This will lead to cavities and gum disease. Straighter teeth make it that much easier to clean in between and avoid all that messy decay matter. 

Bone Support

Crooked teeth aren’t the only reason to get braces. Gaps in between teeth are another reason kids opt to get braces. While crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay, tooth gapping can lead to bone erosion. When there are no teeth for support, the bone and gum tissues can start to erode. Too much spacing in the mouth can cause too much pressure on the jaw. Whereas nice, straight teeth work together to ensure your bite is nice and healthy.

Better Digestion

The reason that we have teeth in the first place is so we can chew food. Obviously, we need food to survive so teeth are extremely important. When teeth aren’t aligned properly this can lead to bad digestion. With overcrowding or too much spacing, food might not get chewed as much as it’s supposed to. Without proper digestion, the food we eat has no way to turn into nutrients that we need to live a more healthy life. 


Braces can wildly improve your self-confidence. It’s a common belief that the first thing people notice about you is your smile. It may seem vain, but having a ‘bad smile’ can lead to low self-esteem and anxiety. This feeling can stay with you from childhood all the way into adulthood. A comforting notion is the idea that braces, although not everyone’s favorite thing aesthetically, is only temporary. Of course, everyone is different, but on average kids have braces for a period of 18-24 months. That is nothing when you consider a healthy, beautiful smile for the rest of your life. Check this website to find the best invisalign to improve your smile.

Conclusion: Benefits Of Braces

So all in all, braces are a necessary evil to assist in better oral health and better self-confidence. And with the many options, you have to choose from, like Invisalign, they really aren’t inconvenient at all. 

Finally, you now know the Braces benefits. Also, please check Kefi Mind‘s front page to see other cool articles on health and more.

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