April 16, 2023

Benefits of Bee Pollen For Dogs and Cats

benefits of bee pollen for dogs

Bee pollen is an organic whole food supplement for dogs that promotes vitality, well-being and mental alertness. It also has an anti-allergy effect thanks to its Quercetin content.

- It's a complete nutrient source (with the exception of Vitamin D) containing protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and live enzymes to support healthy metabolism, growth and immunity.

Its nutritional profile is unmatched by any other natural food on the planet! It's rich in phosphorus, selenium, zinc, iron, chromium, cobalt, potassium and more.

In addition, it's hepatoprotective and contains a wide range of essential fatty acids (predominantly Omega-3 fatty acids) and free form amino acids. Its also high in the bioflavonoid rutin which supports cardiovascular health by strengthening blood vessels and capillaries.

A superfood for dogs & cats

It's a powerful immune system builder, supporting cellular immune responses and reducing allergic responses by the body. It's high in flavonoids, phenolic acids and sterols that reduce inflammation by supporting the production of immune factors.

- It has an alkaline pH balance which promotes urinary tract health.

This is important for all animals, especially those with a tendency towards kidney stones and bladder infections. It also helps with the healing of wounds and improves skin moisture and elasticity.

The optimum dose of bee pollen for dogs and cats is a flat teaspoon per 30 pounds of body weight daily, mixed with their diet. Start with a small amount and increase gradually over a week or two, checking their response to the new ingredient.


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