April 16, 2023

Benefits of Bamboo Hair Brush

benefits of bamboo hair brush

Benefits of bamboo hair brush

Not only are our bamboo brushes a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic brushes but they also make it so much easier to keep your hair healthy. They’re super soft and smooth, free from sharp corners so when you pull it through your hair, it detangles gently.

They are long-lasting, promote healthier, shinier hair and have an earthy feel that you just can’t get from synthetic brushes. They are also great for improving blood flow to your scalp and encourage growth, helping to make your hair stronger and more healthy in the process.

The wooden bristles are soft and gentle on your scalp, which makes them perfect for massaging the head with. They also help increase the production of sebum on your scalp, making your hair softer and more shiny.

Static and Frizz Are Reduced

When you use a plastic brush or comb, the electrical charge in your hair increases which causes static and frizziness. Wood and bamboo have a neutral to negative charge so they are less likely to cause static, leaving your hair looking lovely and sleek!

You’ll find that with regular use your hair will become shinier and glossier. This is because natural oils from your scalp are brushed through each strand of hair.

It will also help to reduce the amount of product you need in your hair in the dry summer months – because it will help to keep your hair silky and smooth without any fly-aways!


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