April 17, 2023

Benefits of Alkaline Water on Skin

benefits of alkaline water on skin

More than half of the human body is composed of water, and it's essential for your skin to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to dry, dull and uneven skin.

Hydration is key to preventing blemishes from occurring and nourishing your skin from the inside out. The smaller size of water molecules in ionized alkaline water make it an excellent source of hydration and will keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing!

Anti-aging and detoxification properties of ionized alkaline water are also beneficial for your skin. The antioxidants found in ionized water help fight ageing by neutralising free radicals that damage cells.

Ionized water also helps flush out toxins that contribute to acne and pimples. You can also use ionized water to spray on your face and neck as a natural alternative to topical cleansers or acne products.

Unlike normal drinking water, alkaline water has a higher pH level. It usually has a pH of 8 or 9.

The body naturally maintains a neutral pH, but when you consume too much alkaline water it can cause an imbalance in your pH level. This is called metabolic alkalosis and can cause nausea, tremors, muscle twitches and confusion in extreme cases.

Luckily, the vast majority of people are safe to drink alkaline water without experiencing any negative effects. If you do experience a mild stomach upset, you should stop consuming the water immediately. If you experience any other symptoms, such as vomiting or twitches, it's best to seek medical attention.


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