April 17, 2023

Benefits of Aftermarket Bowstrings

benefits of aftermarket bowstrings

Benefits of Aftermarket Bowstrings

A custom string can make a big difference in how you shoot. A set of high-quality strings and cables that are built to spec for your bow will eliminate peep rotation, creep, and a lot of the other nagging issues archers have with their stock sets.

Custom bowstrings are made with materials that have a good blend of strength and flexibility to provide stiffness and responsiveness when shooting. They can also transfer energy better from the bow to the arrow, which is especially important for compound bows that require more force to draw than recurve bows.

They're also more durable than strings made from natural materials like cotton or linen. They can last for a long time and won't stretch as much when you pull them tight.

These strings are usually made of Dacron or Kevlar, which are synthetic fibers that don't absorb moisture quickly. They're also flexible and can store more energy in the limbs, allowing for higher draw weights without causing excessive stress on your body.

The ideal number of twists will vary depending on the needs and preferences of different archers, but most bowstrings have around 20-24 twists, which provides a good balance between power and stability.

While the benefits of a custom string are many, it's important to keep in mind that they're more expensive than a standard set. Still, they're worth the extra money for most archers, as they'll be more reliable and deliver a superior performance.


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