April 16, 2023

Benefits of Access Control

Benefits of Access Control

A security system that restricts access to specific areas based on a combination of access codes and key fobs is one of the most effective, least intrusive ways to add protection to your building or site. It can be used to prevent unauthorised entry, as well as for safety reasons such as ensuring that only authorised individuals are allowed to access lab equipment, chemicals or other hazardous materials in school buildings, hospitals and places of work.

Eliminates key issues

Keys are prone to theft and loss, and a manual key system can create numerous security challenges for a company that operates a large number of sites. Digital access cards are much more secure than standard keys and can be instantly removed or modified if they are lost, making them a far more convenient solution to ensuring that only authorised users are given entry into your building.

Improves staff efficiency

A traditional key-based access control system can create a lot of confusion for employees who need to visit several sites throughout the day, as they may have to queue up at each to sign in as a visitor before being granted access. This is a costly and time-consuming process that could be easily prevented with the use of an access control system.

Restricts access during certain times of the day

The ability to restrict access to certain areas based on the time of the day can help businesses that operate in shift-work environments. This can be especially useful if you want to keep people out of the office during the night, allowing them to rest before coming back to the workplace in the morning.


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