April 16, 2023

Benefits of 99 Names of Allah

benefits of 99 names of allah

Benefits of 99 names of allah

In the Quran, Allah mentions that He has many beautiful names and that memorizing them makes Muslims have a stronger faith. It is also mentioned in two of the verses that these names help us to get some benefits of dhikr every morning.

The recitation of these names strengthens our faith in Allah and helps us to overcome the temptations of the worldly life. They also protect our hearts from wrongdoings and they provide us with a deep sense of inner peace.

Recitation of Ar-Raqib – The One Who Gives Imaan and Security

A person who repeats this name 160 times to someone who is ill will be relieved of the illness. He will recover and will have a normal life.

Recitation of As-Sami – The One Who Hears

Sami is the All-Powerful Creator, who hears all sounds. He listens to the lowest sounds and the hidden whispers that cannot be disregarded. He has an in-depth knowledge of everything and knows the details of each change or instant in the cosmos.

Recitation of Al-Muhsi – The All-Knowing Creator

A person will be protected from all kinds of dangers and disasters if he recites this name. He will be safe from drowning, fire, famine and all other similar perils.

A woman who is pregnant and recite this name during the fasting period before conception will definitely have a male child. If she recite this name after Chasht prayer 40 times, she will be rid of her poverty and famine.


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