April 17, 2023

Benefits of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha

benefits of 6 mukhi rudraksha

Benefits of 6 mukhi rudraksha

The 6 Mukhi rudraksha is said to be the son of Lord Kartikeya, the commander in chief of the celestial army. Wearing this Rudraksha will give you the power and strength to fight against adversity as well as boost your confidence.

It will also help you overcome adversities that may be caused by Venus in your horoscope. It will mitigate all the malefic effects of Venus and keep you from experiencing negative situations in life that can have a detrimental effect on your personal as well as professional life.

This bead will strengthen your willpower and improve your speech skills. It will also enhance your charisma and attract people.

It is a powerful bead that can be worn around the neck or around the wrist or kept in the place of worship. It is important to follow certain guidelines when wearing this bead.

Firstly, you should remove it from the jewelry box and clean it thoroughly with water after purchasing it. You should then dip it in cow’s milk for a day before performing any of the rituals associated with this bead.

Next, you should take it to your pooja place and offer fresh flowers and fruits to it. Then you should close your eyes and chant the Mantra at least 21 times before touching it on a Shivaling or Lord Shiva’s photo. You can also add a drop of Gangajal to the bead before doing this. Finally, you should ask for God’s blessings and request Him to fulfill your wishes.


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