April 16, 2023

Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging

benefits of 3d dental imaging

Benefits of 3d Dental Imaging

Unlike traditional 2D x-ray technology, which emits a high x-ray dose, 3D dental x-rays emit less radiation and are better at targeting specific areas to improve the quality of images. This allows us to provide more comfortable and lower risk dental care than ever before.

Diagnostic Accuracy: When nothing is hidden from your dentist’s view, it’s easier to detect signs of oral disease, infection or damage. It also helps to identify abnormalities in sinus structures and joint problems.

Better Patient Education: Patients understand their x-rays more clearly because they can see the details more easily. This helps ensure that they’re aware of the underlying issue and receive the treatment they need.

More Comfortable: Patients don’t have to hold their head or mouth in a particular position as they do with traditional x-rays. This is especially helpful for patients with dental anxiety or sensitive gag reflexes.

Short Scan Time: Due to the fact that CBCT scans can acquire all of the necessary images in one rotation, the scan time isn’t as long as a standard digital X-ray. This saves time for the patient and helps reduce image defects due to poor alignment or lack of coverage.

Integration with CEREC: CBCT can be integrated with digital impressions created using the CEREC system. This allows a more efficient planning of complex treatments like dental implants, custom sleep supports and adaptive devices. This level of connectivity is unmatched in the dental industry.


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