August 18, 2023

Be Careful Who You Sleep With

Regardless of whether it’s fun one night stands, or a committed relationship, every intimate connection intertwines your energy with another on a soul level. During sex the circle of energy that’s formed allows for a sexual energy exchange to take place between you and your partner. This can be a powerful and beneficial experience for both parties but it also can have negative effects on you if you’re not discerning who you sleep with.

If you wake up with feelings of irritability, cloudy thoughts, depletion, aches and pains or depression, these are signs that you’ve picked up bad energy from someone you’ve slept with. This bad energy needs to be cleansed before you can move forward with your day.

Be especially careful when it comes to energy vampires. They’re crafty and they fling their drama around, hoping that you will absorb it and help them to right their ship.


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