March 22, 2024

Aura Colors - Green, Yellow and Brown

People with green aura have cool energy that radiates throughout the universe. These people tend to be natural healers with strong hearts who are highly receptive, often working in healthcare as doctors or reiki practitioners. Their love for nature is obvious and they adapt quickly into any new phase in their lives - always striving hard in relationships they hold dear.

Changing their aura color could indicate jealousy or envy that inhibits personal development, difficulty taking criticism without seeing it as personal attack, and trouble with grounding themselves to counterbalance the negativity. They should spend more time outdoors to reconnect with nature and ground themselves to balance this negativity.

Yellow aura colors represent optimism and happiness, signifying intelligent individuals with high intellectual capacities who may become stressed due to a poor lifestyle that fails to maintain good health practices; such as eating too many high fat, sugar or salt foods.

Brown aura colors signify grounded and practical individuals. You might see these types of individuals working outdoors or handling practical issues well. Although they make great friends and companions, these individuals should try not to become overly dependent on their partners for emotional support; overdependence could result in unhealthy relationships in the long run. It is crucial that they learn independence; yoga, meditation and soothing music could all help in this regard.


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