March 15, 2024

Aura Colors - Green and Yellow

Aura colors green and yellow indicate your spiritual journey in life. People with green auras tend to be highly compassionate individuals who connect strongly to nature. Their connection makes them natural healers who can assist others overcome emotional hurdles more efficiently than anyone else can; their endless support makes them highly popular and lovable companions.

People with light green auras tend to have an easier time forming meaningful relationships. They're adept listeners who strive to understand everyone's point of view. Additionally, these individuals strive to live a balanced and harmonious lifestyle and are dedicated to maintaining peace.

People with an emerald green aura tend to be natural healers who can assist others in overcoming emotional challenges. They are caring, loving individuals with strong family ties who often work as doctors, teachers or therapists.

Yellow aura people tend to be intelligent and creative individuals with plenty of energy, often gravitating toward leadership roles. Quick thinkers with excellent problem-solving abilities, they tend to have an abundance of confidence in themselves as well as in others. Optimistic individuals will usually show much faith in themselves and remain positive over the years.

Yellow aura people tend to seek challenges and are typically go-getters when it comes to work. Additionally, they enjoy creative pursuits that bring unique perspectives into their projects and boast high IQ levels for quickly grasping complicated concepts. If their aura appears dark or murky they could be experiencing feelings of jealousy or envy or taking any criticism as criticism against themselves or others.


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