January 23, 2024

Aura Color Meaning

aura color meaning

An aura, or energy field, is believed to be a visual representation of one's soul and can reveal insights into emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Although quizzes and online resources offer auric readings, Merrick suggests seeking professional aura readers or energy healers for a more accurate reading. These aura readers are trained to identify subtle energies using biofeedback sensors, Polaroid cameras and crystals; sessions usually last 15-30 minutes in a traveling yurt.

Red in an aura is believed to symbolize passion, energy, and an eagerness to achieve goals. People with this hue are typically creative, optimistic and friendly with an established self-identity. Muddy shades may indicate anger hidden deep within and used as a defense mechanism.

Orange aura colors have long been associated with ambition, creativity, and sexual energy - traits typically displayed by extroverts who tend to be energetic, passionate, and outgoing in relationships. Darker shades may represent fear of failure or unresolved grief from past lives.

Pink auras symbolize kindness, caring, and empathy towards others. People with this aura tend to be intuitive, empathic, and often spiritually-inclined individuals; though its darker hues could indicate giving too much without receiving anything in return.


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