April 3, 2024

Aura Color Meaning - What Does Your Aura Color Mean?

No matter if you're seeking insight into your own energy or simply curious about aura color meaning, it is worth investigating what our colorful surroundings tell us about us and who we are as individuals. Each person's aura varies according to experts at aura reading site Aura Aura; with different hues representing various aspects of personality such as adventurous spirit or creative expression.

People with a yellow aura tend to be optimistic and positive thinkers, with strong self-worth and usually being well balanced. If their aura turns sharp lemon hued it could indicate they feel they've lost control over something--whether it be business deals, family relationships or reputation for example.

Green auras are associated with the heart chakra, and those who possess them typically possess a profound understanding of emotions. They're loyal (sometimes to an extreme) and prioritize friendship and family above everything else. If their aura turns light pink it indicates potential romantic interest while dark pink suggests struggle in their relationships.

Purple auras symbolize spirituality and intuition, with those possessing this hue tending to be natural leaders who tap into their divine essence to have an effectful impact in the world. Regal blue auras often signal trust, confidence, and an innate intelligence; in turn, dim or murky blue shades could indicate lack of faith, betrayal, or cynicism - you might encounter such aura colors among politicians, orators, healers, or shamans.


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