March 21, 2024

Aura Color Meaning - Learn What Your Aura Color Means

People's auras give us an impression of their energy, but its color can reveal even more about its owner's spirit and soul, personality, health and spiritual growth. Each color may have its own significance for people. It has even been said that each of the hues represents different aspects of your soul as well as personality traits or the level of spiritual development within your being.

Pink and green aura colors often represent healing and rejuvenation power. Blue auras represent intuitive mysticism that helps them connect deeply with those they meet; yellow auras tend to radiate energy and positivity that inspire and motivate those nearby.

A person devoted to notions of love and nurturing should display an aura color resembling pink, the hue associated with their heart chakra. Such individuals tend to be gentle with those they meet, showing compassion toward those in need. Affectively revealing this color could speak volumes about past relationships; perhaps indicating an ability to understand and resolve conflict more easily than previously anticipated.

Though there's no scientific proof that auras exist, many practices and philosophies believe in their concept of the luminous body. If you wish to increase your ability to perceive auras more easily, try meditation, pranayama or any other methods of increasing energy or spiritual awareness - even practicing for just 10 to 15 minutes each day may allow you to develop "Auric sight" and begin recognizing aura colors around those you interact with.


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